I believe in eating real, nutrient-dense whole foods that nurture your body, help you curb food cravings, and help your body find it’s natural, healthy weight. No fads, no lose 10 lbs in 10 days, no going hungry, counting carbs or keeping points. This isn’t a weight-loss plan, it’s a way of life that will help you improve your health, and losing weight might just be a happy side-effect.

Let’s face it, life is crazy enough, getting healthy shouldn’t stress you out! If improving your health through nutrition is more important to you than getting unrealistically skinny, then this is the place for you.

  • Learn to choose and prepare delicious, healthy, and satisfying meals
  • Easily detox your body and rid yourself of food cravings
  • Improve your health and possibly reduce or rid your need for medications
  • Improve your energy and sleep better
  • Lose the gas, belly bloat, sluggish digestion, and constipation
  • Improve the look of your skin and hair
  • Feel great and get more done because you feel like a million bucks


  • Private and small group Nutrition classes
  • On-line and in-person coaching
  • Weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists
  • Speaking engagements – topics include:
    • Kick the sugar habit
    • The skinny on fats
    • Resolve food cravings
    • Healthier food choices
    • Eating for weight loss
    • Eating for fitness
    • Reading food labels
    • Decrease chronic inflammation & pain
    • Healthy cooking basics

$60/hour – individual appointments
Call for group rates


Live Healthy. Live Happy.
Kim Edwards
Adventure Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer